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Roof Doctor offers Wilton roofing contractor services, including roof repair, roof inspection, certification & new roofs. When we were hired for a roof inspection in Wilton, Ca. we found that the roof had developed multiple leaks because of poor drainage and ineffective roof repairs.

roofing repair in Wilton, Ca.

Wilton Roof Needs Repair

First we needed to get the water, and the old roofing out of there.

A flat roof repair in Wilton, Ca.

Wilton Roofers



Then once the dry rot was all fixed, we made a custom drainage

system to get all of the water to drain off the roof.






Roofing in Wilton, Calif.

New roof drains in Wilton


Now with these new drains, water does not sit on the roof and there are no more leaks on this flat roof.


For all ofyour roofing contrator services in Wilton California, give us a call.

Because parts of Wilton are flood areas, water can be seen in the streets in the rainy months. In 1997, an El Nino year,  broken levees left some homes flooded to the roofs.

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