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Repairing a leaking roof skylight flashing in West Sacramento, CA.

Bad skylight flashing is causing roof leaks.

Roof flashings are the usually a part of the cause of most roofing leaks and this roof in Sacramento, CA is no different.  On this particular roof, the skylight  pan flashing is too narrow so that even the smallest amount of dirt build up dams up the water channel, diverting the water over the edge of the flashing and onto the roofing felt. This in turn causes the roof to leak because as we always point out, it is not the felt that keeps the water out, the felt underlayment is only intended as a vapor barrier. It is 100% the tile, tile closures i.e. mortar, sealant or other and flashings that keep a tile roof from leaking.


Skylight flashing repair  by roofing contractor in West Sacramento, CA

We make a new skylight flashing for this West Sacramento, CA Roofing Job.

At our shop we can manufacture all needed roof flashings so we made a new skylight flashing and installed it around the skylight and then reinstalled the roof tiles. The original skylight flashing was 4 inches wide, with a quarter inch lip at the edge and the flashing was not working. The new flashing we made was six inches wide with a half inch lip at the edge.

While it may not seem like a big difference – as far as the flashing keeping the water out it does make the difference between success and failure. We make all custom flashings in house and this allows us to tailor roof flashings per our specific needs and make flashing ideal for every job. Every re roofing job we do gets a new chimney flashing if there is a chimney and new skylight flashing if there is a skylight.


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