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Tracy Roof Repair

We offer all roofing contractor services in Tracy, Ca.  and over the years have completed a number of roof repairs in Tracy as well as new roofing projects.  Whatever your roofing needs, we can help. If your roof can be fixed, we can fix it, and that’s why for Tracy Ca roofing Roof Doctor is a great choice.

If it turns out that your roof is unfixable, we can provide a roof quote and  install a new roof for you with the best possible quality and get it done at a competitive price.


When we come to do a roof inspection in Tracy, we will check every part of the roof.

Tracy roofing repair

Tile roofing ..

..is in my opinion a very good roofing product. Many homeowners are however under the false impression that a tile roof is a mainenance free roof, which is definitely not the case. Tile roofing is actually a fairly high maintenance product, depending upon the surrounding terrain.

Debris accumulation at roof valley flashings and other flashings is a big issue with tile roofing so if you have a tile roof in an area where there happens to be trees nearby, your maintenance will be more frequent than if in an area with no trees because of leaves and airborne dirt etc. associated with trees.  About 75% of all roof leaks are associated with roof flashings and even more so with tile roofing.

During a Tracy roof repair ..

a defective pipe flashing is identified and will need to be replaced.  Signs of a roof leak were clearly visible here, quite often when a tile roof leaks it is because of a pipe flashing or other roof penetration flashing. In this case as in many others, the little lip or “J” part of the J pan or tile pan is bent down by the weight of the roof tile. This makes the roof flashing ineffective because it is that bend in the flashing thet is supposed to keep water from running over the flashing edge.

To be watertight, tile roofs depend on successfully directing the water flow around roof penetrations and intersections such as roof valleys or roof to wall connections. If the flashings are not functioning correctly it will cause a roof leak – every time.

Tracy Ca Roofing:

A video of a new shingle roofing job in Tracy, Ca.

 When we did this roof a freak storm came in and made the roofing conditions a little tough on us.  As always though, everyone pulled together and the thing got done. Here are some comments from the customer after the roofing job was completed and it was all over.

On Nov 29, 2011, at 10:07 PM
We have been very satisfied with the roof replacement that you performed for us although it has yet to be tested by a heavy storm.  There are reports that we will get strong winds up to 50 mph gusts tomorrow so we should see if the extra sealant and the nails did the trick for anchoring the new shingles.
Status update on our new roof – confirmed wind gusts over 55 mph and not a shingle out of place – thanks for the great work!

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