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Roof Cleaning in Stockton & Throughout Central California

 clean dirty roof

Dirt & moss cause no end of trouble to roofs & I have to say we clean more shake roofs than any other type. This much moss build up blocks water drainage which in turn causes rot to begin and then there is much more work than cleaning needed!




roof-repair-shake_62When restoring a shake roof we will add cedar shims, to cover any felt exposures.

Cedar shingles





Using ONLY #1 Premium  Blue Label Material.

Shake Roof Cleaning & Restoration                                                                                                 Then clean the roof.









shake roof restoration treatment

Once any damaged shakes are replaced etc. the roof restoration is completed with application of a penetrating semitransparent stain.


shake roof cleaning   See for yourself, when done well the end result is a beautiful, cleaned and restored roof.

Roof Cleaning Video

A cedar shake roof cleaning and restoration job that we did in the summer of 2014.

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