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Once your roof inspection has been done by our inspector who has 40 years of personal roofing experience and a real contractor’s license, as we are preparing your roof certification Roof Doctor will take into consideration the things like the type of roof, age, roof slope (or pitch), quality of installation, ventilation conditions, flashing conditions and roof life expectancy to name a few.

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A roof certification is only a good as the people behind it. In addition, if the skill level and supervision of the workers doing the roof repairs prior to the certification are not actually that good, then even if the company backs up the certification, you will be left with a scenario where the roof continually leaks and they make trip after trip attempting to fix it or worse yet a roof that needs to be replaced.  Not fun, and in my opinion not a good value at all, below are some examples of real cases where that is exactly what happened.

Good value in a roof certification is to be had when a licensed contractor does a thorough roof inspection and then makes sure that any repair work is done in accordance with the recommendations in his report.

There are lots of people out there who claim to be “roof inspectors” and they are not actually licensed, and THAT is the key.

Before getting a roof inspection, ask at least this one question:

Is the person inspecting my roof a licensed contractor?

If the answer is not a simple yes ……. it’s a no.

Ok now for a pragmatic look at roof certification.

For the typical homebuyer or homeowner, there has been a professional inspection followed with a “roof certification”  issued by the professional contractor so they rightfully assume that their roof is good.

This may sound a little blunt, but here is the reality from the contractors perspective.

A roof certification is:

A roofing contractor sends someone (or on rare occasions he goes himself)  to check the roof.  If they think that they can repair the roof enough to charge for a 2 or 3 year roof certification without losing money they do it.

They would lose money if:

Your roof leaks? …. NO.

It leaks again? ….. NO, your roof would probably have to leak on at least 3 or 4 separate occasions before they would begin to lose on the certification fee and even more if there was money made on any roof repair work.

Unfortunately for those who depend on us as professional roofers, a  roof certification can have very little to do with the condition of your roof, depending on the policies of the roofing company or contractor involved. This year we have spoken with over 15 new homeowners who have had free “roof inspections” and had their roofs certified only to find out that they actually need to have their roofs replaced or spend thousands in roof repair bills that are not rightfully theirs.

This little roof certification game is one played between banks, sellers, realtors & contractors. In my opinion it is the realtors and contractors that are really fueling the fire because they know better. The realtors know they are not being told everything and they are ok not knowing as long as the deal closes.

The contractors know they are not disclosing everything and they are ok as long as they get paid and do not get in trouble, so typically they charge a small enough amount ($500.00 ballpark) that by the time it is an issue it is usually not worth pursuing since half the time the paperwork is gone anyway.

So…everybody is happy. Except they poor people who got stuck with the bad roof because they were lied to by the pros.

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