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Free Roof inspection? Once your roof inspection has been done by our inspector who has 40 years of personal experience and a real contractor's license, as we are preparing your roof certification Roof Doctor will take into consideration the things like the type of roof, age, roof slope (or pitch), quality of installation, ventilation conditions, flashing conditions etc. as well as other factors, dependent upon the particular situation.
roof certification

A sample roof certification

Roof Inspection Report

Example of a Roof Inspection Report

Where is The Value In A Roof Certification?

A roof certification is only a good as the people behind it. In addition, if the skill level and supervision of the workers doing the roof repairs prior to the certification are not actually that good, then even if the company backs up the certification, you will be left with a scenario where the roof continually leaks and they make trip after trip attempting to fix it. Not fun, and in my opinion not a good value at all.

Good value in a roof certification is to be had when a licensed contractor does a thorough roof inspection and then makes sure that any repair work is done in accordance with the recommendations in his report.

There are lots of people out there who claim to be "roof inspectors" and they are not actually licensed, and THAT is the key.

Before getting a roof inspection, ask at least this one question:

Is the person inspecting my roof a licensed contractor?

If the answer is not a simple yes ....... it's a no.