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Learn About Bad Roof Repairs

Someone once accused me (in print) of claiming to be the only roofing company that knows how to do a roof inspection, issue a roof report, issue a roof repair estimate, and who knows fix a roof. While I never implied that, I must admit that based on what hundreds of homeowners have told me...there are many who do not have the ability to perform these duties.

Working in this business for over 40 years, I have dedicated myself to being the best at what I do. From the time I was a clean up boy for my Dad at the age of 11 years old, whether it was working for him or one of his friends, I wanted them to never have a chance to pick up any trash and once they were done putting on the roof, all they had to do was get in the truck and go. I took care of everything else and pretty soon they had no choice but to move me up the ladder (literally) and that is how I set the pace for my entire career. I was never satisfied until I was the best worker on the crew and I was never denied a raise during that time (20+ years until I became self employed).

To the right - These are "shims" we found on a roof after we responded to a roof inspection call for a roof that had recently been repaired by a "professional". These are splinters of #2 grade wood shingles (#1s don't split so crooked because they have a much straighter grain) that the "license quality repairmen" were using on the roof. They are far under the minimum allowable size and should never have been used. They only lasted a short time and that is why we were called out the following year. It is in that light that I say that 15 - 20 % of the roof inspections conducted turn out to be a bad repair job from another roofing company.

We got called for a roof inspection on a tile roof that had been repaired 3 times, once by my friend I mentioned at the top of the page who only hires "licensed quality repairmen". The picture above is how his "rigorously trained, license quality repairmen" left the roof and understandably, the customer was very frustrated and upset. And by the way, for all of you "licensed quality repairmen" out there, you should never be able to see black mastic on a red tile roof let alone on the white stucco.

poor shake roofing repair

Garbage Roof Repair

This masterpiece  is one of many examples of my friends: "impeccable roof repair work" that was "professionally performed by license-quality repairmen who must exceed our rigorous roof-repair-quality standards"  Uhh........Ok?

This homeowner was told that the reason his roof repair was delayed 2 weeks was that the "professional" was waiting for delivery of this custom flashing. The "license quality" repairman then installed the flashing and the roof continued to leak, that's when we were called. In actuality this flashing was a piece of "L" metal from home depot, cut and bent up with a hammer, then quite sloppily pasted together with a bunch of caulking. See for yourself, it was really a mess.
poor roof repair work

Sub standard roof repair.

When we were done the customer said: "Ron, It's been raining all night and most of today..I can see no trace of the leak!! Great job..how much do I owe you? Great, thanks for the excellent service."

Michael K. Folsom
Folsom, CA - Tile Roof Repair

Now I don't mind paying a little more for good service or good quality, but nothing makes me more mad than paying and not getting anything, especially if the person I paid KNOWS ahead of time that they are not going to deliver as promised. The intention is definitely important to me, it's not everything but it certainly matters.

That is why I take the time to point these things out in the roofing trade because these are not people that just don't know any better they are very crafty individuals taking a ride on the back of us real roofers all the while pretending to be one of us, and somewhat unfortunately for me one of the worst happens to have an almost identical business name to mine.

poor tile roof repairs

Impeccable Repair Work?

It's just not that hard to make this stuff work right and look good if you know how. Incidentally, this is what a custom flashing actually looks like, and we did not have to wait 2 weeks for it, we made it the day before at our own full service sheet metal shop and from start to finish this job took 1 day.

tile roof repair done right

Now That's Impeccable!

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