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Attic Ventilation Systems Installation in Stockton & Throughout Central California

Attic moisture, air flow, and heat effect every part of your home. Houses are built much “tighter” today than they were 20 or 30 years ago.
Windows are more efficient, house wraps are now commonly used and the R value of insulating products is higher now. Generally speaking our homes are more weather-tight now than ever and  In doing this we also trap the moisture in the home. Indoor moisture is generated by many things.

8 hrs. normal perspiration & breathing 1 person is about 1 gal.

condensation formingCooking 3 meals is about 1 gal.

4 showers is about 1/2 gal.

The thing is, every activity that uses water, (i.e. mopping floors, doing laundry, washing dishes ) adds moisture to the air.

It is said that the average family generates approx. 18 gallons of water per week into the air of their home. That’s why is important to count with a good service for water damage restoration and cleanup in case of any eventuality.

Most people are not aware of these statistics, and personally I believe there is a direct relationship between the tighter building envelope of today, the typical unawareness of moisture generation, and the growing number of health issues associated with mold.

Moisture  flows toward the drier air in order to equalize itself. This process  forces the indoor moisture through the ceiling  then through the insulation and  into the attic space.

Good attic ventilation

There are a couple of reasons that proper attic ventilation matters . In summer, excess  heat that accumulates in the attic throughout the day results in higher cooling costs, or uncomfortable living conditions.

Also, moisture created may move into the attic if  vapor barriers are not present, and they usually aren’t.  If the moisture isn’t exhausted from the attic it will condensate and may cause insulation and other building materials to rot, or mold & mildew to develop.
So, temperature and moisture control are the biggest reasons to have a properly ventilated attic space, and the only practical way is to install attic vents.

What amount of  attic ventilation is adequate? The most ventilation is needed to push out the heat in the summer months. Winter  ventilation needs to be sufficient to remove moisture  moving from the living space to the attic.

Normally, ventilation that works well for for summer cooling is plenty for winter ventilation.  Research has determined further venting increases  to be ineffective in substantially lowering temperatures in the attic.
If the ceiling is poorly insulated, you may need a little extra ventilation. Attic ventilation can be achieved by power ventilators,  gravity ventilators or even wind assisted ventilators.

No matter which is used, the goal is to get  uniform and balanced ventilation in the attic space  in order to control moisture & temperature . Natural ventilation is the most common and energy-efficient method of achieving attic temperature and moisture control. It is also the most inexpensive, and my personal favorite. If an area has higher air outlets together with lower air inlets,ventilation takes place when the air in the space becomes heated, the heat rising and pushing out of the higher vents in turn creating a vacuum that pulls cooler air in from the lower vents.

At Roof Doctor the way we do this is to install attic vents at optimum locations.  Normally using either eyebrow or dormer vents for exhaust and block or soffit vents for intake depending on the situation. There are other options of course, but these are the best in our opinion.

Attic Ventilators

When looking for a Stockton Attic & Roof Ventilation Systems Installation look no farther than the Roof Doctor.  Serving Stockton, Sacramento and Central California.

Powered ventilation is also a very popular option and something we do a good bit of as well. Below we show how to install an attic fan in this video one of our guys installs an attic fan as part of an attic ventilation upgrade that we did.

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