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For Roofing Services in Santa Clara County, we provide coverage to the communities of Campbell, Cupertino, Milpitas, San Jose and the surrounding areas.

Santa Clara County Roofing Job

We encountered a ton of dry rot work. We quickly got an estimate to the homeowner who elected to proceed with the replacement of all of the damaged wood. Sometimes we can provide a dry rot quote up front if the wood is visible, the problem is, there is usually no way to really know what lies beneath the layer(s) of roofing material.

Of course we always prefer not to find any dry rot damage at all…

(really – it slows things up, and that always seems to wind up costing more than we make) and just roll through the roofing job as pre planned but when we run in to this it is something that is completely beyond our control so we just have to give our best recommendation and deal with it in a timely way. We can usually do the wood rot repairs much cheaper than anyone else that is doing work of comparable quality.

So when you get ready for your roofing work in Santa Clara County, be sure to give us a call.



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