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A leader in service & quality we offer San Jose roofing contractor services, including roof repair, roof inspection, roof certification and new roofs.

Roof Inspections –

We offer the most complete roof inspection service available in the region! If you need a roof inspection, you need Roof Doctor!

Free Roof Inspection – At What Cost.

Roof Repairs –

roofing work in San Jose, Ca.

San Jose Roof Repairs


A flat roof maintenance project in San Jose, Ca. we are cleaning the gutters and drains, re sealing pipes  etc. as well as fixing roof leaks.







roof repair in San Jose, Calif.

Roofing in San Jose, Ca.


We are flushing out the roof drains with a pressure hose because all of the roof drains were completely clogged with dirt. Some of them had to be removed in order to clean them.



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