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Roseville was originally a stagecoach stop that was called Griders. After the arrival of the railroad the name was changed to Junction and then finally Roseville. Roof Doctor provides roofing contractor services to the Roseville area.

After performing an inspection on a Roseville roof we found the roof was leaking because of unrepaaired felt exposures. Roof Doctor was hired for the roofing work to fix the felt exposures.


Roseville shake roof repair

Roof leaks were also being caused by worn out plumbing vent flashings (right)

When these cheap vent flashings (always used on original construction) wear out like this, it allows water to run down the plumbing vent pipe which is inside your walls. This in turn can and usually does create mildew, mold or a musty smell in the house.

Another problem was missing shakes, and loose ridge caps, all of which were repaired in order to restore the roof to a water tight condition.


We did the roof repairs by replacing the bad pipe flashings and installing #1 cedar shims to cover all visible felt exposures. We also replaced damaged shakes, damaged or missing ridge caps and re nailed ALL of the ridge cap shakes.

We use ONLY Certi-grade #1 select blue label materials when doing our shake repair work. And never any shims under 3" wide. We have seen a Sacramento area roof repair company using tiny slivers of low grade cedar to do this same work in Roseville.

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Roseville home shake roof restoration

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