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After performing a roof inspection in Rancho Cordova California, we found that most of the issues with this shingle roof could be fixed.

Roof leaks can occur for any number of reasons. In this case, as is the case with most composition shingle roofing leaks the roof problems are all caused by incorrect shingle installation and poor detail work.

On this residence in Rancho Cordova, the roofs valleys are the biggest problem because whoever installed the roof on this house did not get the placement of the nails right. There are VERY SPECIFIC guidelines for nail placement near roof valleys and when they are not followed roof leaks inevitably happen.

The nailing issue became more prevalent after nails guns came onto the scene because less experienced roofers have a tendency to either use too many nails, or go faster than their skill level permits when using a nail gun which in turn leads to misplaced, over driven, under driven or angled nail application.

Typically when a shingle roof valley fails (and especially since the coming of nail guns) it is because roofing nails were placed too close to the roof valley (anything closer than ten inches is too close) then when water runs down the valley it of course leaks in through the nail holes. The same rules apply to joints in roof shingles. There is a system to be used which allows the roofer to avoid any joints closer than ten inches to the valley and still maintain the uniform side lap or offset.

These along with other details are the types of things that the typical do it "yourselfer" tends to miss because they are operating under the misconception that as long as the surface is covered with shingles you are good to go.

I get called to do roof inspections all of the time where I am told "The roof is only 2 years old, it's fine." Only to arrive and find that new shingles that have been installed incorrectly now need to be removed in order to install a functional roof system, usually someone somewhere suspects that something is up and that's why a roof inspection has been requested.

Composition shingles are in my opinion an excellent value and most composition shingle roofs will last around 20 years if:

a) Proper attic ventilation is provided at the time of the roof installation.

b) All of the roofing and detail work is correctly done.

As mentioned earlier in this text, there are very specific installation requirements for all roofing systems and whether it be flat roofing, shakes, tile or composition shingles Homeowners should be aware that warranty periods for any roofing products are completely void if not installed in accordance with the manufacturer's the specifications (and they rarely are).

Rancho Cordova was actually called Mayhew's Crossing and Hangtown Crossing in the 1850's then in the early 1900's Mayhew Station and Mills Station. The city was eventually named Rancho Cordova in 1955 after the Cordova Vineyard that was part of the Rancho Rio de los Americanos land grant.

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