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The town of Lodi is probably the most famous (or maybe infamous) for the Creedence Clearwater song that says "stuck in Lodi again" a great song even though it sort of puts Lodi down. Lodi is also well known for it's Mondavi winery and if you have never been to the town of Lodi, there are vinyards everywhere! It was first named Mokelumne, but getting confused with other nearby towns was cause for a name change just a few years later, and now we have the Lodi we have come to know and love.

When we did a roof inspection on this home in Lodi, Ca. we found that due to multiple felt exposures(left) on the wood shake roof, that roof repairs would be needed in order to ensure a water tight roof surface and protect the felt from further damage. Felt exposures are the leading maintenance issue on shake roofs, and the #1 cause of roof leaks.

Lodi Roofing

lodi roof damage

Roof Damage - Lodi, Ca.

One the roof inspection was completed, this Lodi Calif. homeowner hired Roof Doctor for the roof repair work, wich was done by installing #1 cedar shims to cover all of the felt exposures. We also replaced all of the missing shakes and ridge caps, as well as re securing all of the loose materials.

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Lodi Roofer

shake roofing repairs in Lodi, Ca.

Roof repairs Lodi, Ca.

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