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While doing a roof inspection on a house with a wood shake roof in Folsom, CA, we found lots of areas having felt exposures that would require roof repairs.

After completion of the Folsom roof inspection, we were hired to do roof repairs and preventative maintenance. We delivered a load of #1 cedar wood shingles to be used as shims for covering the felt exposures, along with a few bundles of #1 medium shakes, to match the existing roofing.

We install a hundred or so shims then replaced the missing and damaged shakes to complete the work. Folsom Ca, is of course now (thanks? to Johnny Cash) most famous for it's Folsom State Prison, which started in 1880 when the Livermore family made an agreement with the State of California to donate the land for the prison. In exchange they would get the prison labor that they needed to build a dam there to power a sawmill.

shake roof repair in Folsom

While the sawmill never happened they built a powerhouse (right) that provided power to the area. After it opened it boasted the longest run of overhead power in the entire country, (over twenty two miles) and operated for nearly 70 years.

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Folsom power house
Folsom Facts:

Like many other gold miner homesteads, the town’s wealth came not from gold, but from its ability to connect via railway to larger commercial centers, in this case Sacramento. During its gold rush era, Folsom had a significant Chinese American community, which was sadly razed by arsonists in March 1886, effectively forcing the Chinese American community to seek accommodations elsewhere.

The former gold rush town’s 72,203 residents enjoy long, hot, dry summers and cool, rainy winters. The city has 26,109 housing units and an average density of 1,074.4 per square mile, 17,442 of which are owner-occupied, and 7,509 are occupied by renters. Residents enjoy the performing arts, thanks to the Hawkins School for the Performing Arts, the Folsom Symphony, and the Ballet Folsom.

The town’s residents have ample opportunities for exercise and fresh air, thanks to 32 miles of bike trails including the Humbug-Willow Creek Trail, which follows Humbug and Willow Creeks, passes through several traces of dredge tailings and riparian forests and the endpoint of the American River Bike Trail, which starts in Sacramento. Folsom’s trails range from fairly pedestrian to more strenuous and range from 2 miles to 10 miles, and many offer amazing views of Folsom lake, vegetation, and local wildlife.

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