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Roof Doctor offers complete roofing contractor services to the entire Fair Oaks community. As is true of much of the area, Fair Oaks started as part of the 1844 Rancho San Juan Mexican land grant. Fair Oaks is bordered to the North by Citrus Heights, to the South by the Rancho Cordova, West by Carmichael and on the East side by Orangevale.

The Fair Oaks community is known for a blend of suburban and semi - rural homes and has a reasonably moderate climate ranging from the low 40s in winter to high 90s in summer. Here's a photo of present day Fair Oaks Blvd. at Fair Oaks Village.

fair oaks village

Fair Oaks Village

Here's a photo of a flat roof that had drainage issues as well as dry rotted wood. After performing a roof inspection on the flat roof of this Fair Oaks apartment building it was found that *ponding and pooling was happening on the roof. This was in turn causing structural dry rot as well as interior sheet rock damage.

This roof was in need of roof repair in the way of additional drainage as well as dry rot repair and roof patches.

*Ponding - For roofing related issues "problem area ponding" is considered to be any area still holding water 72 hrs. after rainfall has stopped.

fair oaks roofing repair

Fair Oaks Roofing

Once the roof inspection report had been delivered Roof Doctor was asked to provide roof repairs. Because of the dry rot caused by inadequate drainage on this Fair Oaks property, much of the 2 x 8 sheathing had to be replaced and every 6 ft. it was cantilevered back to add strength. Of course we added additional drains, since poor drainage was the cause of most of the dry rot.

We try hard to never replace dry rot without correcting the cause. Here is the same area seen from below. All new wood and the circle shows a new drain. This Fair Oaks roof repair is complete and no roof leaks.

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roof repair in Fair Oaks, Ca.

Fair Oaks roof repair


History of Fair Oaks, California

It was in 1844 that Fair Oaks, located between Sacramento and Folsom, came into being with the Rancho San Juan Mexican land grant. Then in 1895 a company in Chicago began turning it into a colony. When it was purchased they wanted to advertise the city as an innovative and growing citrus colony after the depression in 1893. Since then it has grown to more than 30,000 residents.

Fair Oaks enjoys a mild year-around climate with warmer temperatures in June, July, and August. In winter the temperature ranges from the low-40s to the mid-50s. The area does have a rainy season, generally this occurs between November and March (with an average of precipitation of about 3 inches throughout the region).

Fair Oaks has a few great festivals that you a must attend if you’re in the area. The Fair Oaks Spring fest occurs on the first Saturday and Sunday in May, and the Fair Oaks Chicken Festival occurs on the third Saturday in September.

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