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We offer the best quality combined with great service from a roofing contractor in El Dorado Hills, CA so we do a good bit of roofing work in the El Dorado Hills Area.

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El Dorado Hills is only about 13 miles from the site where gold was first discovered in California back in 1848. Parts of 2 pony express routes from 1860 are still used today as modern El Dorado Hills roads.

Here’s a roof repair job that was done by our El Dorado Hills roofing contractor in 2012.

After an inspection by our licensed roof inspector, we found dry rot being caused by roof leaks. There were several areas at the garage portion of the house that would need roof repair and dry rot repair. After the owner got his roof inspection report he decided to have Roof Doctor do the dry rot and roof repairs on his El Dorado Hills home.

We replaced the bad roofing and took out all of the rotted wood and installed new pre primed wood. We use pre primed wood on EVERY dry rot repair job.

Roof repair by roofing contractor in el Dorado hills.

El Dorado Hills Roof Repairs

  Often times we see dry rot repairs done to wood without the cause being addressed. I don’t get it but  we  see it all of the time.

 It is our responsibility as professionals in our trade to advise our customers with their best interest in  mind and that means fixing the problem for them, not telling them what they want to hear at the  moment, or just doing what is easiest. To advise a customer to repair wood rot without fixing what  caused it is in my opinion not ethical and we will certainly never do that.

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