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roofing contractor in Carmichael, CA         Carmichael roofing contractor doing dry rot replacement.

We are proud to serve as a roofing contractor in Carmichael, CA and the surrounding communities. When our licensed roof inspector visited this property for a roof inspection in Carmichael, he found dry rot around the entire perimeter of the roof and Roof Doctor was eventually hired to perform the dry rot repair work.

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Carmichael was actually founded by a guy named Dan Carmichael who came to the around when he was about 18  in 1885. At 32, he bought 2,000  acres and started Carmichael.  Not bad for a young man from out of town! He bought the land for around 150k then ran a newspaper ad “Big Real estate Deal” and sold 10 acre pieces at $1,500.00 with $150.00 down, $10.00 per month and 6% interest. What a great story. It seems like the average climate in Carmichael is around 65 degrees with a high of 95 and a low of 40, so pretty moderate.

Roof Repairs in Carmichael California

I get sort of disgusted when I do a roof inspection and see roof repair work done by “professionals” or “license quality repairmen” and there are three roof repairs of three totally different colors and types than what was originally there and NONE of them matching the existing roofing material.

What they have done is to turn a pretty simple issue into an eyesore and 7 out of 10 times, anyone who is foolish or careless enough to do that, is not sharp enough to fix the leak problem anyway. When you hire us for your Carmichael roof job you can rest assured you will never see any of this type of roofing work. We prefer to repair your roof whenever possible and if it is possible to fix your roof in a cost effective manner, we can do it. When it isn’t we will recommend replacing the roof and we are fully equipped to handle all phases of that work as well.

On a different roof inspection in Carmichael, Ca. our licensed roof inspector found defective plumbing flashings on the roof that were causing roof leaks as well as interior damage. We were able to get all of the flashings replaced with high quality roof flashings and after we replaced the damaged sheet rock everything was good.


Carmichael roofing contractor does roof repairs.

Defective flashing.

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