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For roofing repair in Elk Grove, CA Roof Doctor is the one, our customer satisfaction rating is a 5 and so is our quality.

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As most roofing licensed contractors know, it takes both experience and skill to maintain high success rates and customer satisfaction levels in the area of roofing repairs.

At Ron William’s Roof Doctor we have been doing both for decades and that is why we are the right contractor for roofing repair in Elk Grove, CA. No matter what type of roof, we can provide a good solution to your roofing issues.

Roof Repairs, Roof Inspection & New Roofing in Elk Grove, CA

From roof inspection, roof repair, roof certification to a complete new roofing system with new rain gutters, Roof Doctor can and will take care of you well.

roofing repair in Elk Grove, CA by roofing contractor - Roof Doctor.

Clogged roof drain in Elk Grove.


When our licensed roofing inspector performed a roof inspection on this home in Elk Grove, he found failing roof drains at multiple locations. The drains being greatly reduced due to installation methods caused too much water to build up on the roof.


Elk Grove, CA roofing repairs by local roofing contractor.

Dry rot in Elk Grove.



 The roof drains leaked for so long, that the sub sheathing was rotted out wherever there  were drains.

Roof repairs get done in Elk Grove California.

New roof drain


We change the drain design to our own custom design that was created to resolve roof drainage issues and drain blockage issues.

This new roof drain actually tapers down 2 full inches, pulling water off the roof.



Roofing Repair in Elk Grove, CA Video




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