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We offer high quality roofing in Livermore, CA including roof repair, roof replacement and roof inspection.

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A Livermore Roofing Customer:

We thank you and Ron for all your help in this situation. I trust that Ron did a fine job and I am sure I will not have any issues for at least the next five years.  We really appreciate the extra vent that was very nice of you Ron.
We will be calling you guys back though in five years to install a new roof if that is O.K. with you guys LOL!
Once again you guys were wonderful and made our lives much easier with how professional you guys are and speedy with the work.  We look forward to doing business with you guys again in the future.
You have our permission to use our name and contact info.
Stan and Elizabeth Terry

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After performing an inspection on roofing in Livermore, our licensed roof inspector found that the roof was leaking because of problems at the roof valleys. As is often the case with tile roofing, debris had built up under the roof tiles causing water to divert over the edge of the valley flashing.

Roofing in Livermore being described by roofing contractor.

Tile Roof Valley Leak

Livermore roofing done by Roof Doctor.

Tile Roof Leaks


Once this happens the roof is going to leak.

It’s only a matter of time, and usually a short time at that since the roofing felt will not keep water out. If you roof has sent you a message by way of stains on the sheetrock, all Roof Doctor and we will help.

Here is what it looks like before we reinstall the tile for the final roof fix.

Livermore roofing is shown here.

Livermore Roofing


Roofing In Livermore, Ca.


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