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Our licensed roof inspector performed a roof inspection on a home,  and found that roof repairs were needed. There was wood dry rot at multiple locations caused by roof leaks. First we determined the cause of the leaks, once we knew that we could prevent the dry rot from coming back, we then made recommendations for roof repairs.

Dry Rot Repair

Roofing in Lathrop, CA getting done by roofers.

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Above: The original roofers did not wrap the roofing felt down over the barge rafters as required. As often happens, this caused dry rot at much of the perimeter of the roof of this home in Lathrop.

We replaced all of the fascias and barge rafters on this roofing repair job in Lathrop, CA. All of the new wood is pre primed before installation. Once the new wood is installed, we put on the new 30lb. felt, new redwood tile battens and then re install the roof tiles, replacing any broken ones.

Yes repairing broken roof tiles is cheaper but there is no way caulking is lasting more than a year or so. Heat and UV is what causes caulking to fail, it dries out then shrinks causing the seal to break.  It is out in the sun, plus the tile itself gets REALLY hot, 200 – 300 degrees! So trust me, caulking on roof  tiles is short term. Caulking under roof tiles where there is no UV exposure lasts for about 15 years it seems, but exposed to direct sun in our local climate, 1 year maybe two.

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