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 Why Should You Consider Roof Doctor for Your Shake Roofing Work?

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Typically when we get the call to do a roof inspection or roof repair estimate on a shake roof, the predominant issue on the roof will be felt exposures. We have developed an excellent shake roof repair and shake roof restoration program for those who are just not ready to replace their roof yet.

Stockton cedar shake roof maintenance

Felt exposures need repairs.

The most common cause of failure of a shake roof, over the years the sun burns through the thin part of an underlying roof shake, leaving the felt exposed. If not repaired, within months the sun will burn through the felt, and then the inside of the attic is exposed to the weather.





Cedar Shake Roof Repair

Undersized material was used.


We recently got called to do a roof inspection on a roof that one of our “competitors” had repaired the year before. The picture to the right is typical of the shims they use. According to the CSSB (Cedar Shingle & Shake Bureau) application specifications for shakes, page 4 line 5 “Shakes shall be laid with a side lap of not less than 1 1/2″ between joints in adjacent courses.”

BUT.. for that to work the shim has to be AT LEAST 3 inches wide, many of these are not even 2 inches. Besides demonstrating a total lack of respect for the roofing industry standard, to save themselves a couple of dollars this CONtractor has been installing shims that are SO thin and small, the slightest shrinkage from drying allows them to move, and because they ARE so small, if they move at all, they are no longer covering the felt exposure. I am told since we started exposing this habit that they may have stopped. Glad we could help!

Shake roof repair getting done by roofing contractor.

Roof Doctor Shims

The picture below is typical of the smallest shims that we use. We use only #1 cedar shingles, and NEVER anything under three inches wide.

When we run across materials like they used above we just throw it in the trash, because that’s what it is. We do top quality roof repair and use only top quality materials…every time. Incidentally, after we published this page, they took the picture of this type of material off the front of their website. It seems that even though they do more roof inspections and roof repair than anyone else in Central California, that they were not aware of the proper way to do them, glad we could help again with the educational process.

Testimonial for Shake Roof Repair – Elk Grove, Ca.

I wanted to thank you for the great job on my roof repairs. Just catching up on my correspondence so apologize for the delay in getting back. I have gotten many compliments on how great my roof looks but more important than that is it rained yesterday and not a drop of a leak! I feel very fortunate to have chosen your company for repairs as Ron found an obscure leak point near an outside vent as well as repairing cracks in the stucco (and I have had several handymen and a licensed contractor out without success). Also I might also mention that the other licensed contractor did a rinky dink repair job on a weightbearing wood post which was fixed completely by your crew, so I got so much more than just the roof repair – very expert advice and workmanship. Also Ron found some wood rot on some wood beams in the front of my house which was also fixed – I was flabbergasted that the roof repair company could not only diagnose these other problems but fix them! Anyway I plan to have my roof inspected yearly for problems and repairs and new roof placed by your company when advised. Thank you again and please do use my name as a reference. Also I might add that the whole crew were very polite and knowledgeable.

Sincerely, Kathy Malloy

shake roofing restoration job        shake roof repair is all done

Before Roof Restoration                                                         After Roof Restoration


shake roof cleaning

The roof gets cleaned then repaired.



My experience with the Roof Doctor was excellent as it was in the past. The
crew was very professional and industrious.

Thanks, Walt Stratton (Antelope, shake repair/tuneup)




Wood Shake Composite Roof Replacement Customer:

“Responds efficiently and explains the cause of leaking problem professionally.
Present reasonable ways to get it fix. No need to wait for a long schedule
period to get the work done. We are satisfied with Roof Doctor’s service.”

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