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While working on a roof in Citrus Heights, Ca. we encountered some pretty substantial dry rot issues. This really does not happen too often and when it does we are are quick to notify the homeowners and provide our best recommendations so that they can decide what they want to do.

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We are careful not to take advantage of our position here and we give the homeowner the best possible price for the dry rot work that is going to be needed, and for that reason 100% of the time we wind up doing the dry rot  work recommended. Below, we replace the dry rot at the overhang area on this 3 tab composition shingle roof.

dry rot replacementdry rot work

Since the structural members are actually exposed to the weather,  it is very important to make steady efficient progress when replacing dry rot. We get the repairs done in a very timely and professional manner, minimizing exposure to the weather as well as cost to the homeowner.

dry rot replacement

Professional Workmanship.

The dry rot work all got done and  the roof repair in Citrus Heights got completed. The dry rot work wasn’t super expensive because we were already there working on other roof repairs so we were able to provide a pretty good discount on the additional work and the customer got the added value.

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