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                              Why Roof Doctor For Roof Repair In Concord, CA?

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We were asked to inspect a roof in Concord California.

While doing the inspection we could see that the roof was going to need some help, someone had installed dimensional shingles on a roof with only about a 2/12 slope. The minimum slope for shingles is 2.5 /12 and it really should be 3/12, the thick shingles they have today consistently leak on 2.5/12 slope  applications.





This is the actual requirement from most building codes as well as shingle manufacturers regarding minimum roof slope requirements for shingles.





Usually this is something we see on a sun room,  a patio roof or other addition type application where it was kind of a do it yourself situation. Patching these is like chasing your tail and it never works out for long, the simple fact is it’s not enough slope for shingles, so the shingles have to go. Nobody likes to hear this so people frequently wind up hiring someone who will tell them what they want to hear, then fighting with them later.

A couple of things that you can count on:

Roof Doctor knows how your roof is supposed to be installed & we will give you the straight story regarding what does or doesn’t need to be done, so when it comes time to deal with your roof repair in Concord, CA  give us a call – it’s the right one.

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