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Roof Doctor was hired for a roof inspection, which eventually led to a roof repair in Carmichael, CA.  A prospective home buyer, the person wanted to be sure that the roof was in good condition,what roof repair if any, was needed and that there would be no big surprises in the next few years.

Roof repair in Carmichael, CA gets done by roofers.

Why Use Roof Doctor For Roof Repair in Carmichael, CA?

The answer is experience, dedication and sincerity. You won’t find anyone  (besides yourself) who cares more about getting it done right so give us a call today.


       For this roof inspection, it was not just an issue of will the roof leak or not in the next year or two. The customer wanted a complete roof inspection for future reference and planning. Are all the components up to par? Is the attic properly ventilated? A question that many home buyers would not think to ask and they shouldnt have to. The roof inspector should be aware of everything and convey all pertinent information regarding the roof to the customer.

There are lots of people out there span claiming to be “roof inspectors” who are not actually licensed, and THAT is the key.

 Before you get a roof inspection, ask one simple question:

Is the person inspecting my roof a licensed contractor?

If the answer is not a simple yes…..it’s a no.

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