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Stockton Roof Leak Repair

If a shingle roof is leaking because there is a hole in a roof shingle, I can immediately think of at least 4 ways to repair that hole all of which will stop the leak, but only one is correct.

  1. Put mastic over the hole.
  2. Put mastic over the hole with matching surfacing.
  3. Slide a shingle under the damaged shingle & seal it in place (underneath).
  4. Replace the damaged shingle just as the old one was when new.

Yes it’s #4, the only correct method to repair a shingle roof leak caused by a damaged  composition shingle.

One out of four roofing contractors will use method 4 while the rest use 1,2 or 3 as their regular  shingle roof leak repair method.

Why does it matter as long as the leak stops?

The main reasons are:

  1. Longevity of Roof Repair
  2. Roof Aesthetics
  3. Roof Warranty Issues

And that is just the beginning. Shingle roofs are by far the easiest to repair, when it comes to tile, flat or shake roofing the roof leak repair methods we see are all over the map with no real regard for industry standards & no regulation or enforcement of any kind on a community level.

It follows then that to have your roof correctly repaired you want someone who has experience in actual installation of the type of roof you need repairs on or at the very least have supervised installations or is familiar with the specifications agreed?

With us you get it all. Our roof leak repairs are done just as if the work was going to be inspected by an official – by the book. We are roof leak repair methods are consistent across the board because we follow manufacturer’s specifications & industry standards for all roof leak repair methods.

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