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While conducting a roof inspection in Orinda, Ca ...

There were multiple roof leaks that were caused by dirt built up under the roof tiles. The owners wanted to know what type of roof repair was needed.


Dirt Causing Roof Leak

Upon continuing the roof inspection we discovered some dry rot areas that would also need roof repair. When the owner got his inspection report he decided to have The Roof Doctor do the roof repair work and we got all of the items fixed.

We removed all of the bad wood and replaced it with new pre primed wood then we installed new 30 lb. felt, new redwood battens and reinstalled the tile.

dry rot work

Dry Rot Repair

Orinda, CA is a rural city in California that’s known for ranching and summer cabins. It’s named derived from Katherine Philips who was known as the “Matchless Orinda”. During the 1880’s Theodore Wagner, who was the U.S. Surveyor General of California decided to build an estate which was named Orinda Park, which became a post office in 1888 (Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orinda,_California).

It gets fairly wet in Orinda, CA during the winter months, with February being the wettest of them all. Making sure that your roof is inspected every three years is important to stay dry and prevent further damage from happening to your roof. The Roof Doctor has over 30 years of experience dealing with roofs and can provide any home a roof inspection and if necessary a roof repair.


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