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Central California Roof Installation & Replacement

Are you trying to decide between a new roof or a roof repair? At Roof Doctor, our owner / manager Ron Williams has been installing new roofs for over 40 years so you can rest assured, we do know how to put on a quality new roof, and we do…..every time. That being said we prefer to repair your roof whenever possible, that is if it is actually a cost effective solution.

At Ron Williams’ Roof Doctor, We Can Install Almost Any Type of New Roof

Below are some examples of new roofs we have installed in the recent past.

Roof Replacement Stockton

New Shake Roof

New Roof (Shake)

Here a new roofing project is going on in Stockton, Ca.

We have removed the old roofing, fixed all of the dry rot and the delivery truck

is preparing to load the new roofing materials on the roof.





New roof installation Central California


The new roof is almost completed – great!




A new roof getting installed by roofers.

New Shingle Roof


 New Roof (Shingle)

A new shingle roof in Tracy, Ca. for a dome shaped house.




new roofing

New Shingle Roof




We prepare to install another new shingle roof in Elk Grove, Ca.




Commercial Flat Roof by Roof Doctor

Commercial Flat Roof by Roof Doctor


 New Roof (Single Ply – Flat)

We are installing a new TPO cool roof on this commercial building in Sacramento Ca..







Most roofs will begin to develop telltale roof leaks long before they actually need to be replaced. This is a critical juncture in my opinion. When your roof tells you it needs help there are basically 3 ways to approach it.

1. Call some roofers to get it patched and take the cheapest price.  This can and sometimes does work.

2. Pay 100-200 for a thorough roof evaluation. To me this is the best. The reason is… if you pay someone for a roof evaluation (a) they are not trying to sell you repairs, they have already been paid for the evaluation. This is your best shot at getting an actual objective professional evaluation. BEWARE free roof inspections, nothing is free. Just think about it, how is anyone going to earn an honest living working for free? Right.. ther’e not.

Once you have your comprehensive evaluation you can make an informed decision that will likely save you thousands later.

3. Call some roofers and get re-roof estimates, then get your roof replaced.

When looking for the top roof replacement Stockton and Central California has to offer, look no farther than the Roof Doctor. Offering roof repairs, new roof installations, roof replacements and inspections for over 40 years.

Roof Doctors – California State Roofing Contractor’s License Number Since 1991 is 628619


For your next roofing project, contact the Roof Doctor and relax!

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