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On this Milpitas Roofing Job –

This deck had been leaking into the garage below since the time the house was built. As happens, the builder hired someone who was in over their head when it came to flat roofing.

We first had to dismantle the deck railing in order to get the old roofing material out of there. Once the railing was off the deck we removed the tile that had been installed then had to jackhammer out approx. 3 inches of concrete in order to get down to the original roof membrane. We then removed the original roofing down to the wood subsheathing.

Milpitas Flat Roof Work

Once the wood was exposed we found some rotted plywood which was expected so after replacing the bad wood we went to work installing the new flat roof single ply PVC membrane. We install a fireproof sheet under the PVC so really it’s a 2 ply system.

Finishing up the roof in Milpitas..

Once the actual roofing is done, we make these redwood panels to go over the PVC material. It looks nice as well as offers some UV protection for the PVC roof.

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