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Roof Doctor is a high quality roofing contractor offering Manteca roof repair services as well as roof inspection & complete roof installation service.

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A homeowner called our office saying she had noticed “seeping” through the roof overhang sheathing boards and since it was only visible in the winter, she thought her roof was leaking. (Sounds reasonable). We sent our licensed roof inspector out to investigate the potential Manteca, CA roof repair.

A few minutes after his arrival our inspector determined that he real problem was under an ventilated air space above the living room.  The close proximity to the fireplace compounded the problem with the heat from inside colliding with the cold winter air from outside, the resulting condensation caused significant damage to the roof sub sheathing or dry rot as you can see here.

We had to remove all of the tile in the vicinity, once the tile was removed all of the rotted sheathing was exposed.

Roofers work on a Manteca roof repair job.


A Manteca roof repair is being completed.


Manteca roof repair nears completion.

We replaced all of the rotted roof sheathing and then installed new 30 lb. felt underlayment. Some are under the misconception that it is the roofing felt that keeps the water out but this is completely untrue. The actual fact is that the felt is only intended as a vapor barrier, if water gets under the tile the roof is going to leak – every time. Felt was not even required under tile roofing for decades and then the need for a vapor barrier became more prevelant as building envelopes became “tighter”.



Manteca roof repair is completed by roofing contractors.

We have replaced all of the rotted wood, installed a new felt vapor barrier and a shape conforming low profile vent (bottom center frame) it is barely noticeable but it will prevent any future condensation in this area. This Manteca roof repair is completed and the roof leaks are fixed.


Manteca Roof Repair – Video


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