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During a roof inspection in Discovery Bay…

Roofing in Discovery Bay

Discovery Bay Roof Damage


Our licensed roof inspector found storm damage caused by high winds. The wind had blown off large areas of shingles, leaving the sub sheathing exposed. It was particularly bad in this case because the owners were out of town and we did not get the call until after it had already been raining for some time. Time was of the essence on this Discovery Bay roof repair job.

Damage From Roof Leaks

The roof leaked and damaged the floors. We got the roof repairs done in a timely fashion but still there was a good bit of interior damage that had already occurred before we were called.  The hardwood floors had buckled etc.


This Discovery Bay Roof Repair……

Wound up costing the owner a lot more just because he was unaware of the roof’s condition until the problems with the roof caused visible damage inside the house.

A little maintenance would have avoided all of this but sometimes people just don’t think about their roofs, I get it I don’t think about my plumbing to often either but for your own good, next time you are outside with any free time take a walk around the house and have a look at the roof.

Discovery Bay Roof Repair – Video

If you see something on your roof in Discovery Bay California that you think might need attention,  you should call a reputable roofer to come out and have a look.

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