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Roof repairs in Davis, CA  are usually not as time consuming as installing a new roof, but to make quality, lasting repairs often takes more skill and technique. The reason being that there are exact, set specifications for new roof installations whereas with roof repair work often you are trying to take something that was not done correctly in the first place and make it work as if it was.

Why hire Roof Doctor for roof repair in Davis, CA?

A great deal of  experience and dedication is required to maintain a high degree of success when it comes to roof repairs and that is just what you’ll get with Ron William’s Roof Doctor…along with great customer service, courteous friendly workers and a helpful office staff, so call Roof Doctor Today!

That was exactly the case on this roof repair in Davis, Ca.

Roof repair in Davis, CA being done by roofing contractors.

Davis, Ca Chimney Cap Doesn’t Fit


The ill fitting chimney cap was one of the things letting water leak into the attic.





Davis, CA roof repair is completed by roofers.

New Chimney Top in Davis


New chimney top made in our shop and we are good to go! Other roofers told this homeowner that it would take “a week or so” to get this chimney top. With Ron Williams’ Roof Doctor we can have it the next day because we make them at our own metal shop.




 Roof Repair in Davis, CA – Video



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