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We offer Contra Costa County roofing contractor services to the following communities: Antioch, Concord, Discovery Bay, Orinda & Walnut Creek. We have served our customers in the Contra Costa area for over two decades and we are dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with our services.

Contra Costa County Roofing Experience

In addition, throughout the 1980’s our owner / manager was a partner at a construction company in Walnut Creek where he oversaw roofing operations for several years then went to be a foreman at Concord Roof Service then owned by Jim Owen and operated out of Oakley, Ca.  serving all of Contra Costa County as well as the entire East Bay and even some of the San Francisco community,  so Ron is very familiar with the type of issues that arise with roofing in Contra Costa County.

In those days, we almost always did either Tar & Gravel Roofs or Composition Shingle Roofs. The tar & gravel roofing experience was the most valuable in terms of understanding roof leaks and roof repairs, if you can consistently  do successful flat roof repairs you know the trade – I don’t care what anybody says.

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In 1821 Mexico finally got it’s  independence from Spain. Though not too much  changed in ranchero life, the Mexican War resulted in the secularization of the missions including the re-distribution of their lands, and a system of land grants under the new Mexican Federal Law.

Mission lands extended throughout the Bay Area which included parts of Contra Costa County. Between 1836 and 1846, during the period when California was still a part of independent Mexico, these fifteen land grants were established in Contra Costa County.



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