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Roofing Contractor Doing A Roof Repair In Concord, Ca.

It was a shingle roof in Concord, CA and after our licensed roof inspector finished his  inspection we found that all of the ridge shingles and deteriorated way before they should have. The rest of the roof looked great but all of the ridge caps were curled and falling apart.

When we delivered our roof inspection report to the home owner we indicated that (a) The product used was a high profile ridge cap that turned out to be defective and (b) The attic area was under ventilated and that this had contributed to the premature failure of the ridge caps. Summers in Concord California can get over 100 degrees and when it gets that hot, if the attic area is not well ventilated the roof above (and especially the ridge caps) get baked from the inside as well as the outside.

Roof repairs done by a Concord, CA roofing contractor.

A composition shingle roof repair will be needed to fix the deteriorated ridge caps here.

Here we add “eyebrow” style attic vent to balance the attic ventilation.

Most Concord, CA roofing contractors would know that for good attic ventilation the system needs to be balanced, having 50% of the ventilation at the highest third of the roof and 50% at the lowest third.

Concord, CA roofers doing an attic ventilation upgrade.

New Attic Vents Installed

Concord, Ca. roof inspection shows attic ventilation is needed.

New Attic Vent in Concord


The optimal locations being as close to the highest and lowest points as possible without any negative impact on the water tight integrity of the roof.

After the addition of 5 exhaust vents and 10 intake vents, this roof repair was completed and the ventilation issues resolved.

For detailed information about attic ventilation…

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For much of the 1980’s our owner Ron Williams was a foreman at Concord Roof Service and worked there for several years supervising the installation of both commercial and residential Shingle roofs as well as Tar & Gravel roofing jobs so we are very framiliar with roofing and roofing contractors in the Concord, CA area.

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