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Antioch Roof Repair

Tile Roof Repair

While conducting a roof inspection in Antioch, CA

we found several items that would require a roof repair (LEFT). The seal is deteriorated at the ridge / rake connection. This is a fairly common maintenance issue with tile roofing.

If you’re in the process of purchasing a home, you should  always inspect the roof and if necessary hire a roof inspector and get a report of any damages it might have. Another Antioch California roof inspection reveals  that there was no adhesive used under the ridge tiles. This does not always cause leaks, but is required by all tile manufacturers as well as building codes so there is clearly a reason. It is to secure the ridge caps as well as seal the nail holes so a qualified Antioch, CA roofing contractor should know this.

Antioch, CA roofing contractor finds defects.

No Adhesive under Ridge Caps

These are considered to be minimum requirements and therefore require roof repair. Many roof inspectors do not call this type of thing (especially with free roof inspection) but the fact is this is required by manufacturers for a reason and home buyers should be made aware of these things.

Antioch, Ca. roofers do roof repairs.

Bad Flashing Installation

For this job we saw that it showed a heat vent flashing that was installed incorrectly and required a roof repair. The poor installation is causing all of the surrounding tiles to lift, thereby leaving openings for water to get in.



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