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Hi, I’m Ron Williams – the Roof Doctor…

and I have been fixing roofs for over 40 years. In that time, I have done every type of roofing work. I have run large roofing companies and been a part of smaller ones too. When I come to give you a roof repair estimate I can promise you it will be a fair and qualified assessment, and when we do business together, I will personally guarantee the quality of the work.

When you order a roof inspection

from us, it will be done by me personally, never by an unlicensed “inspector”.  And if you contract with us for roof repair work, At the very MINIMUM, I will be in direct contact with the supervisor on the job until it is completed.

With 4 other roofing contractors in the family…

one brother a Sacramento Roofing Contractor, one brother a San Jose Roofing Contractor,  father and uncle both Roofing Contractors, from the age of 12  Ron has been around the trade and started working full time in roofing at age 14.  In that time having emassed a broad spectrum of roofing experience,  the Roof Doctor has the know how to diagnose the trickier problems and get things done correctly.

Sincerely, Ron Williams

For your next roofing project, contact the Roof Doctor and relax!

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