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Stockton Roofing & Roof Repair Services

Why Use Our Roofing & Roof Repair Services?

WE ARE NOT CONCERNED WITH VOLUME, OUR ROOFING COMPANY'S FOCUS IS TOP QUALITY WORK. We offer a level of quality & experience that can seldom be found, and a 40 year roofer managing every job.

When we get more calls for roofing contractor services than we can handle, we stop taking on work so that we can maintain the highest possible level of quality. "Our roofers are the best, I have complete confidence & trust in them and they are great people too."

On the other hand, I have worked in the roofing trade for a long time (over 40 years) and never seen an employee that cares as much about service & quality as the owner does. Anyone who says otherwise is just kidding themselves and that's why I do every roof inspection & get involved in every new roof installation, roof replacement or roof repair job even if it is just planning then final inspection".

Before getting a roof inspection, just ask one simple question: Is the person inspecting my roof a licensed contractor? If the answer is not a simple yes... it's a no.

There are absolutely lots of top notch roofing contractors in the Central California area. Most of them are honest, hardworking people out there doing a great job day after day. We have also found that there is an alarming number of "professional roof repair companies" who are not even aware of basic Roofing Industry Standards. When it comes to the best roof repair Stockton and Central California has to offer, look no farther than the Roof Doctor.

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Roofing In Stockton, CA

Ron performs every single roof inspection & gets involved in some aspect of the job.
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  • Having served as a roofer for over 25 years, a 20+ year Roofing Contractor under the same license, an expert witness, quality control manager for several large roofing companies as well as a technical expert and consultant for governmental agencies, Ron Williams is a uniquely qualified roofing inspector, and he will personally do your roof inspection. Ron and the Roof Doctor roof company offer their services in Sacramento, Stockton, Elk Grove, Roseville, Orinda, Tracy and the surrounding areas. We also provide the best roofing repair service available, including roof certification and new roofing.

  • Claiming to be a roofing inspector or providing roofing certifications while having little or no experience in actual roof installation is unfair to consumers and really ought to be against the law.

    Someone I know, who also works in Sacramento, Stockton, Elk Grove, Roseville, Orinda, Tracy and the surrounding areas, likes to use medical doctor analogies. Along those lines, a roof repair company doing roof inspections without a background in roof installation is like giving a diagnosis for surgery when you only know how to stick on band aids and have never performed an operation.